About the Podcast

Shizilu We’re Colin Griffith and Eleanor Kurucz, two book nerds with English degrees and an excess of spare time. As millennials always searching for something to fill the nameless void, we decided to launch this podcast as a way to share our love of books with more people.

Golden Valley

http://modernistudios.com/modern_i_studios_2016_spring_homepage/ Each episode, one of us will tell the short version of a book. Usually, only the teller has read it—we have wildly different tastes in literature, and there’s not much overlap in the books we’ve read aside from some classics in the academic canon. Both of us tend to have way too much confidence in our own opinions, so expect plenty of analysis and commentary to go with the humor. Note that since this podcast is largely about us telling each other stories that we love, there will be spoilers. In fact, there will be almost nothing BUT spoilers.

http://calauctioncompany.com/?fbclid=IwAR0M28wnGwHmEyLUOGfUhme5BRGHTwIa8eu8FUurDRqoKYN9lrX-nnF0cQY However, we really hope that you’ll be inspired to seek out books that you might not have read otherwise, and support the writers who make them (if they’re alive). We love books, and we hope we can share that passion with you in an entertaining way.